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Sundae Comics by Nathan OlsenSundae Comics by Nathan Olsen

Witchflowers: The New All-Ages Comic From Cartoonist Nathan Olsen Casts a Spell of Heartfelt Laughter!

From the creator of Sundae Comics comes Witchflowers—a magical blend of laughter, friendship, and enchantment that's been captivating readers worldwide! Witchflowers stars the charming witch Iris Bloom, her enthusiastic apprentice (and niece) Sunflower Daffodil, and a grumpy-yet-lovable bird named Hettie.

Discover the charm of Witch's Ladder as Sunflower gets a magical lesson with a humorous twist!

Witchflowers sprang to life in October 2021 during the Inktober art challenge. Cartoonist Nathan Olsen pushed himself to create an entire comic strip from each day’s art prompt and, quite by accident, birthed the charming world of Witchflowers in the process!

A useful (if sometimes aggravating) aspect of Inktober is that it pushes artists (and cartoonists) to venture out of their comfort zone to keep up with the daily deadline. There is no time for second guessing. And no time for revisions. Nathan had no choice but to think fast and commit to whatever crazy idea the day’s prompt inspired — and hope for the best that it all worked out!

To Nathan’s surprise, the comic he posted for the very first day of Inktober 2021 generated an instant buzz on Instagram. Although he didn’t realize it at the time, the witch-themed comic that he posted that day would mark the spontaneous inception of Witchflowers!

Read The Comics That Started It All

Don’t miss out on the magic that sparked it all! Scroll down to journey back to where it all began, and join Iris, Sunflower, and Hettie in the enchanting and hilarious Witchflowers comics that have won hearts worldwide.

The webcomic about a witch who teaches a young girl about the magical properties of crystals. Inspired by the #inktober2021 day 1 prompt, "crystal."
Sunflower learns about the magical powers of crystals in the inaugural #inktober2021 comic!

With no idea he was creating a new series, Nathan made another comic featuring the same witch character the very next day. And another the day after that. His notifications buzzed with likes and his follower count began to swell. Nathan realized he was having a blast making comics for this crafty old witch — so he thought, why not keep going?

Iris hears something rustling around in the night. What could it be? A mouse? An intruder? Someone is trying to steal her cookies!
Night Intruder Alert: Who’s after Iris’ Cookies? Join us in this adorable nocturnal adventure!

At the core of Witchflowers is the touching relationship between Iris Bloom and her young niece, Sunflower Daffodil. Sunflower absolutely idolizes her aunt and dreams of one day becoming a witch just like her. Always generous, Iris imparts her magical knowledge and wisdom to her eager young apprentice.

It's tea time at the witch's hut and she's invited Hettie the raven to join her. Hettie is upset because the witch has an ulterior motive for the party.
Tea Party Tension: Find out why Hettie the Raven is in a flap over the witch’s hidden agenda!

The comic Nathan Olsen penned for day three of Inktober 2021 suggested a sequel for day four. But that would mean introducing continuity — a story! Even though the idea of pushing himself to develop an on-going narrative was appealing, Nathan wasn’t keen on ramping up the difficulty level of Inktober any more than necessary. Not only would he have to brainstorm a unique concept for the day based on the word prompt, but Nathan would also need to cleverly weave it into the events that unfolded in the previous day’s comic. Could he pull it off?

A webcomic about a witch who casts a spell. Hettie the raven is not happy with the result.
Tea Time Turmoil! Witness Hettie’s Reaction to a Witch’s Spell Gone Awry!

The characters didn’t have names. Or backstories. Nathan had absolutely no plan. He knew about as much about what was going to happen in the next comic as the readers did.

Hettie refuses to come down from the rafters, insisting that she is safer where she is.
Safer in the Rafters? Find out why Hettie believes it’s better off high up!

Nathan really didn’t have much time to think about it. The clock was ticking. he rolled the dice and went for it, thinking he’d wrap-up the little tea time caper in a day or two.

Hettie returns from the garden with a delicious snack for her and her friend.
Garden Delights: What tasty treat does Hettie bring back from her garden expedition?

Nathan worried he might botched up the whole narrative. What if he hit a creative block and ran out of ideas? Nathan tried strategizing, plotting out the entire story in advance to guarantee it had a satisfying conclusion. But when the day arrived to implement those pre-conceived ideas, a fresh, more fitting concept would pop into his head — one that resonated more authentically with the characters and their universe. And just like that, all his meticulous planning would go flying out the window!

The witch promises Hettie that the spell will end at midnight. But... will it?
Promises, Promises: The witch’s vow that the spell would end at midnight falls flat!
Our young witch, who is trapped inside the body of a raven, objects to being forced to sleep in a bird cage.
A Cage Too Far: Sunflower, stuck as a raven, rebels against her new sleeping quarters!
Hettie decides it's safer to sleep on the roof. Iris tries to convince her to come inside.
If birds don’t sleep in beds, where do they sleep?
Iris goes for a walk in the woods with Gardenia the cat. She needs ingredients for a spell.
Magic Ingredient Hunt: Iris and Gardenia the cat go for a woodland walk.
Hettie returns home! No one knows she's actually a bird! What a calamitous mix-up!
There’s a fowl confusion when Hettie returns home in her new form!
HETTIE THE RAVEN reveals that while she was having tea with IRIS THE WITCH that she STOLE and ATE several seeds.
Hettie seeks help from her friends and reveals a secret!
Reginald the squirrel informs Iris that Hettie stole and ate some of her magic seeds.
Introducing Reginald – a nosey squirrel with news that could be a game-changer for Iris!
The little witch girl who is trapped in the body of a raven drinks a whole lot of water. But she's still thirsty. What to do?
How will Sunflower handle her unusual and seemingly endless thirst?
Iris the witch tracks down Hettie and pretends she doesn't know who Hettie is.
Iris plays a whimsical game, feigning ignorance of Hettie’s true identity.
Sunflower finds herself acting strangely for no apparent reason! Whatever could be going on?
Peculiar behavior?! Strange growths?! What’s that growing out of Sunflower’s head?!

Each day breathed more life into the world and characters Nathan Olsen had created. By the end of October 2021, he had completed 16 comic strips — that’s a new comic every other day for an entire month! Not bad! While Nathan wasn’t able to wrap-up the story he’d begun, the readers’ continued support and excitement for this new series have bolstered his determination to bring it to a worthy conclusion.

More to come!

If these comics have tickled your fancy, then you’re in for a treat! Inspired by the original #inktober comics, Nathan Olsen is currently hard at work on a Witchflowers graphic novel that will feature over 100 new pages of art and story! Brace yourself to plunge further into the bedlam of Iris Bloom’s chaotic tea party! Get a bird’s-eye view of Sunflower Daffodil’s flying lessons! And prepare to laugh as Hettie the bird humorously attempts to disentangle herself from the entire magical mess!

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